The Great Translation Game

Take your language skills to the next level by translating and writing out full sentences in your target language.

The Great Translation Game is the ultimate game to improve your writing, translation, and vocabulary skills in another language.

No single word flashcards. No made up sentences. No "The giraffe is an eating an apple" (unless you want to learn about giraffes). Practice writing out full sentences using native-level content - learn to write like a native speaker.

Why is writing so important for learning another language?

Writing is often the most overlooked and undervalued of the four skills in learning another language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), but it's the best way to practice your production skills in your target language with no pressure.

We've all been there - you have to say something in your target language and you immediately start sweating. Panic. Stress. You manage to mumble out a few words having no idea whether it was correct.

Writing, however, allows you to think in your target language. It gives you time to process what to say and how to say it, identify the gaps in your vocabulary and grammar and then immediately look up what you need to know. Speaking is simply practicing what you already know. With writing you get to work on your production skills the same as with speaking, but with the added benefit of improving upon those skills while you do it.

But we know - practicing your writing skills in another language is a pain. 😩

Here's the current most common approach:

1. Try to write something.

You use a dictionary and Google Translate, but let's be real, you're never really sure - is this right? Is this what a native speaker would say? 🤔

2. Hire a teacher or tutor to correct what you've written and provide feedback.

Not only can that get expensive 💰 but then you have to wait hours or days before getting any feedback.

3. Read through the corrections, maybe rewrite what you've written (but probably not).

The feedback loop is just too slow. ⌛ By the time you get any feedback, you've forgotten why you wrote what you did, and the mistakes you've made have been sitting there the entire time in your mind as correct.

The Great Translation Game changes all that. 🎉

Here's how it works:

1. Create or select a challenge.

Simply paste in text, enter the URL of a blog post or article you'd like to use, or select an article from an RSS news feed. The Great Translation Game bot then splits it into a list of sentences.

Want to learn to write like they do in news articles? Paste in in the link or select from news feed. Want to learn to write like J.K. Rowling? Paste in some Harry Potter. Want to learn to write like a TED Talk? Paste in a transcript.

2. Read and translate into your native language.

Machine translations are provided 🤖 but sometimes they need a human touch 😃 Read through the text, ensure you understand each sentence, and update the translations (if necessary).

3. Play through and translate back into your target language.

Get instant feedback. Favorite it to review later. Add notes. Listen to it read aloud (for most languages). Know what you're writing is correct because you're using real, native-level content.

Try it! 🎮

Looking for more? Check out all the languages available on The Great Translation Game.

Well I’m back.

Still brilliant, I’ve gone from writing nothing to over 1000 words since I came across TG2! It’s so easy to use either intensively studying the text or just popping by when I have a free minute.

The new targets are really motivating, as is the leaderboard.

I haven’t found any bugs and being able to edit the text has been really useful. The speed of feedback and suggestion implementation is impressive.

So far 10 out of 10… thanks for the great work. I will be continuing to use this for a long time 😃


is meant for serious language learners, for those who realize that to be able to read, write, and speak well in another language will take lots of time and practice with native level content. There are no cutesy owls or plants to water here. Writing out full sentences takes time, patience, and focus. But the results are worth it.

Imagine the progress you could make writing 500 words a day in your target language. 🔥

Languages: Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Welsh. More coming soon - make your requests on the forum!

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