Sharing Challenges

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The Great Translation Game makes it easy to share challenges you create with others - friends, students, whoever.

Challenges shared via a link or made public can be played by anyone, including people without an account on The Great Translation Game. This is ideal for teachers who can share challenges with their students. After completing the challenge, students can then notify their teacher.

But that's just one example. You can share challenges with anyone you'd like. Here's how:

First create your challenge.

Then while playing a challenge, you change its access options at the top.

You can also change the access options for a challenge via your dashboard.

Challenges are set to private by default, which means only you can see them.

If link sharing is turned on for a challenge, that means you can send people the link and only people who go to that URL will be able to see, play, and import the challenge.

If a challenge is set to public, that means anyone on The Great Translation Game can see, play, and import that challenge.

Please note that challenges are created and shared by you and other users. The Great Translation Game is not responsible for content or quality, and we reserve the right to remove challenges if they infringe on copyright or are otherwise inappropriate.

Questions about this feature or have a feature in mind that you'd like to see added? Let us know in the forum.

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