French writing practice made fun.

Learn to read, write, and think in French faster and more effectively.

Practicing writing in French is a pain, we know. 😩

is here to help. 🙌

How it works 🔧

  1. Import a text - a news article, blog post, chapter from a book, etc.
  2. Read and translate from French into your native language.
  3. Play through and translate from your native language back into French.

Why it works 🤩

  • Specificity - you choose your learning material, so you get to practice writing French sentences with material you actually want to learn and you're actually interested in.
  • Native level content - by practicing writing using native level content, you learn to write in French like a native speaker.
  • Immediate feedback - as you play through you know immediately whether you're making a spelling or grammatical error. No waiting for a tutor to correct your writing days later.
  • Progress tracking - keep up your motivation by tracking the number of sentences and words you play each day. How much would you improve writing 100 words day in French? 200? 500?
  • Fun - compete with other players learning French on the leaderboard. Level up as you write more and more. The Great Translation Game makes French writing practice fun.
  • Community - join us on the forum to discuss resources, ask questions, and everything else related to learning French.

Try it out! 🎮

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Learn to write in French like a native speaker.

Practice writing French sentences. Add your own texts and track your progress. Join the community and compete on the leaderboard.

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