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Looking for a challenge? You've come to the right place. Attempting to translate a full, native-speaker level sentence from your native language into the language you're learning can be humbling.

Playing a sentence 1

Here's how you play a sentence on The Great Translation Game:

1. Read the sentence and either a) add a translation if you've imported the challenge with no translations or b) update the translation if necessary. You can highlight words and phrases within the sentence using your mouse to see a machine translation and helpful links, as well as the option to add it to your Phrase Deck.

Playing a sentence 3

2. Now hit the Play button and attempt to translate from the translation back into the language you're learning. You'll see color hints as you type, and you can use the Hint button to get a one-letter hint per click.

Playing a sentence 2

The above is just a suggestion - there are lots of ways to practice your target language with The Great Translation Game. Some users for example like hitting the Play button and then the audio button to attempt to write what they hear and practice their listening skills (note that text-to-speech may not be available for all languages, you can see what's available for your browser via your settings).

Other options for a given sentence include favoriting it so you can practice it more later via the button and adding a note to remind yourself of particular vocab or grammar the next time you see the sentence.

Playing a sentence 4

Not interested in working through a particular sentence? Don't forget you can delete a sentence via the button.

Questions about this feature or have a feature in mind that you'd like to see added? Let us know in the forum.

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